Maybe you have tried Mole in Enchiladas or other dishes that use the kind of mole almost everyone knows about, which is Mole Negro or Mole Poblano, but actually, there are many other kinds of Mole, that are really worth knowing about and trying. Next time you visit Mexico or when you go to a Mexican restaurant that serves traditional food, you can decide red moleto try any of these very good kinds of Mole:

Mole ‘Pipán’ Verde

Mole Pipián Verde is one of the most popular kinds of Mole in Mexico. It was created in Oaxaca, but it has variations according to the region it is made.
This ‘Mole’ is a savory green sauce that usually goes on top pork meat or chicken meat. It has a very different consistency from Mole Negro (the regular mole you have in Enchiladas). The Flavor of Mole Pipián is significantly different and I encourage you to try it so you can see the difference and also decide if it will be your new favorite.
Its characteristic green color is given by pumpkin seeds, which are the most important ingredient for this Mole. It also has green tomatillos, green chiles and other green herbs blended together for achieving that green color and nutty flavor.
As usual with any Mole, the dishes prepared with Mole Pipián go very well when accompanied with rice, tortillas and/or bread.

Mole Rojo

This is a very delicious mole, and it is one of the 7 famous moles of Oaxaca. This mole also many ingredients, and it shares a few of them with Mole Negro, but it has other components that give it a different flavor and a different color as well, due to the kinds of chilies it has, like chile guajillo and chile ancho, that give a reddish color to the final dish.
Mole Rojo is the spiciest or hottest of all the Moles, so make sure to have it only if you are used to tolerate chile, or ask the person who is cooking to please make it less ‘picante’ for you. This Mole is usually served with chicken or with pork.

Mole de Olla

Have you heard of a kind of mole, which instead of a sauce, is served as a soup? That is Mole de Olla. It might sound a little extreme to you to have Mole as a soup, but trust me, it is not extreme, it is absolutely delicious and it is one of the favorite comfort foods for many Mexicans.
Mole de Olla consists of a big pot of broth (usually made with beef), which contains potatoes, green beans, corncobs and some other vegetables. The interesting part that makes the “Mole” are 2 kinds of chilies that are dried and then blended, together with onion, garlic and other spices and then combine them with the broth.
Mole de Olla is a very delicious meal, and it is great especially for winter, when a warm and spicy soup can make up for the cold in the environment.

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