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If you are arriving on a busy day,  It is in your interest to take care of any bladder needs on the plane before landing.  That is because you do not want delays getting to the immigration line.  If two or three planes land at the same time, the line gets VERY long,  VERY quickly, 

immigration crowdDepending on the airline, occasionally you will have to deplane to the ground on a stair and take a stand up bus ride to the terminal.  This is becoming less common.  The process is however the same as normal jetway arrival.   

Forms Are Gone

 The old paper immigration forms are no longer necessary.  All that happens is you get a stamp in your passport with a date   (example:   180124  which is January 18  2024 )  which is the last date that you can leave Mexico.  We just arrived in Puerto Vallarta.  The line was very, very long, but went quickly.  Please comment if you have experience with the new process.

HOWEVER,  there are still customs forms.  Get them as soon as you can.  they are simple to fill out and you do not need your passport number.  Only the flight number.   Here are the forms.


mexico customs form 2 mexico customs form 1













Proceed To Luggage

luggage on carouselNext you move on to the carousels to collect your luggage.   This process is the same the world over. Ours were off the carousel and waiting when we arrived.

Follow signs to Customs

Do you feel lucky?  Well, when you get to Customs,  every person has to hit a button and a light will flash either red or green.   Ever so many times it comes up red.  The rest of the times (and most common), the light will be green.   If you get a green light, you walk through and you are in Mexico.  If it comes up red, you will have your suitcase searched.  Then you walk through.

Do Not Make Eye Contact

Now you can proceed out of the airport.  In Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, you will have to walk pasteye contact multiple people with clipboards, signs, and uniforms looking official.  They will offer you transportation or other help.   Firmly, but politely,  say no thank you.   These are time share sharks and you do not want the kind of help they are offering.  Some may even fake getting angry if you ignore them.  Ignore them anyway.  The only legitimate place to stop is at a car rental booth if you have a rental arranged.   Otherwise, do not stop until you are outdoors.  Then look for your resort transportation or a cab. 

Enjoy Your Vacation.

This is a summary of how t navigate your arrival at a Mexico Airport in Cancun , Puerto Vallarta , or other tourist destination.  Click the Orange Button to find your vacation.check availability


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