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Practical Information about airlines rates and travel

How to Find Cheap Flights to Mexico

Booking Websites and Timing Of course, in your quest to find cheap flights to Mexico, one of the easiest ways to find flights that work with your schedule and your budget is to use a travel aggregator sitelike KAYAK, Travelocity, Skyscanner and more...

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How to Sleep on a Plane

If you love to travel,  sooner or later you going to need know how to sleep on a plane.  Some people advocate sleeping pills,  benadryl type antihistamines or alcohol.   All of those can backfire in a number of ways.  They...

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cheap airfare tickets to mexico

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Flying to Mexico

   #1 Thinking Price Is The Only Issue We always try to find the cheapest way to travel possible.  BUT more than one stop will likely have you arriving considerably worse for wear.    And always look at the total travel...

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Duty Free Shopping Tips

Gifts and Duty Free Shopping I went on a trip to Mexico in 2013 and visited a myriad of places. However, I will never forget Cozumel because that’s where I found the heart shaped sea shell I had been searching...

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Southwest Airlines to Mexico

Southwest Now Flying to Mexico !

  Southwest airlines is bringing it's affordable flights to Los Cabos, Cancun,  Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City! There are direct flight from Denver, to all the above cities in Mexico, and from Chicago to Cancun. The biggest barrier to Mexico...

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Riviera Maya Trip 2012 - and a humorous Spirit Airlines story

Mid-December in Michigan: the first snow has come and gone. Early onset cabin fever is upon us. Just out of curiosity I check flights to Mexico. Grand Rapids to Cancun last minute. OK no. Detroit to Cancun 2 days from...

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tight fit in an airline seat

Comfort Economy and Upcharges

Whenever you book an airline ticket these days, they present you with an incredible menu of "upgrade" options.  For a mere $12 you can have wifi all day on your flights with Delta. If you are taking a 4 or...

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