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Vidanta Grand Bliss Studio Accommodations

The studio unit (Grand Master Room) is identical to the second bedroom of the two bedroom suite. This largeroom has a love seat that makes 2 child size single beds. It is rated for 2 adults and 2 children (under age 13). This unit has a coffee maker and refrigerator, so it is truly a studio apartment and not just a huge hotel room. The studio has a large balcony, but does not include the cooling pool that comes with the larger suites. However, it doesn't have the price that comes with the larger suites. Approximate area is still over 500 square feet!

These units are ideal for those who want to stay at a top of the line resort without paying top of the line prices. With the Grand Bliss studio you can have the additional advantage of a fridge and coffee maker.

Vidanta Grand Bliss Bedroom

It has a very comfortable king size bed and a love seat. The love seat is nice for relaxing in the room without having to always sit on the bed. The love seat also pulls out to make two short single beds designed to accommodate children.


These units accommodate 2 adults and 2 children under 13.

Vidanta Grand Bliss Bathroom

The beautifully appointed bathroom has a large tile shower, twin sinks. You are going to love it. A separate Jacuzzi tubs big enough for two has Jacuzzi jets. Perfect for a week of relaxing and recuperating.


Each suite has a nice balcony area with large lounge chairs for relaxing on the balcony. They do not have the cooling pool.


There is twice daily maid service. We recommend leaving perhaps a 50 peso note (about $4) each day for the day maids. The night maids tip would depend on how much they do for you. Room service is available and the prices are pretty much the same as going to the restaurant. You can request a refrigerator in the Grand Bliss Studios. It is strictly on a first come/first serve basis. Let us know if you would like a refrigerator and we will place the request. you should call reservations a few days before arrival and reiterate this request.

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