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Grand Luxxe Studio Villa Accommodations

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Vidanta Grand Luxxe Villa Studio Bedroom

This unit is, by far, the best value of all our rentals. booking It is almost a one bedroom suite in the luxurious and service oriented Grand Luxxe buildings. This is a true studio with a separate sitting area and kitchenette. It is rated for up to 2 adults and 2 children (under age 13). It includes a main bedroom and the same large bathroom arrangement described in the suites. Because they are corner units, each Studio has not one, but two balconies facing two different views!! The big feature is a separate sitting area with it's own flat screen television and a kitchenette (microwave, fridge and sink). Check out the rates.

Bedroom of the Vidanta Grand Luxxe Villa studio

A studio at the Vidanta Grand Luxxe Villa is around 1000 square feet. There is the usual Luxxe marvelous mattress on a king bed. There are pull out trundle beds for kids under 13 in a semi-private separate area. The night maids will make these beds up for you and the day maids will take them down every day. Just ask the concierge.

There are a variety of pillow types so you are certain to have one that is perfect for you.


Since this is a top of the line unit it is not set up for piling people in. They are designated for 2 adults and 2 children under 13.

Bathroom for the  Grand Luxxe Villa Studio

There is a large master bathroom with twin sinks. The shower has a tropical hardwood floor and the option of a luxurious rain head or hand held that mounts just low enough to keep your hair dry. The bathroom has a large (easily two person) Jacuzzi tub.


As mentioned above, many of these units have two balconies facing two different directions. There is no cooling pool on these balconies like the suites.


There is twice daily maid service. We generally leave a 50 peso note (about $4) each day for the day maids. The night maids tip would depend on how much they do for you. Room service is available and the prices are pretty much the same as going to the restaurant. They are not obligated to do the dishes, but in our experience, they always do.