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Vidanta Grand Mayan 2 Bedroom Suite Accommodations

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Vidanta Grand Mayan 2 Bedroom Accommodations

The two bedroom suite (Vidanta Resorts call this a Grand Master Suite) It is rated for up to 6 adults and 2 children (under age 13). It includes a central room with living/dining/kitchen area and two separate bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. It includes a cooling pool on the balcony and a Jacuzzi tub in each bathroom. Approximate area is 1200 square ft.

This is the largest unit available at the Vidanta Grand Mayan. For your comparison purpose, in the Mayan literature they are referred to as Grand Master Suites.

Vidanta Grand Mayan Bedroom

A two bedroom suite at the Vidanta Grand Mayan is over 1200 square feet. It has a central living room with couches that pull out like a trundle bed to make 4 normal twin size beds. Each bedroom has a king size bed and a love seat. The second bedroom love seat that pulls out to make two short single beds designed to accommodate children.


Officially, they're designate for 6 adults and 2 children under 13, but they frequently will allow up to 8 adults. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict which reception person will be reasonable when which won't, so we recommend sticking to a total of 8 people and up to 6 of them being adults.

Vidanta Grand Mayan Living Room

There is a dining area and kitchen with everything you could want besides a conventional oven. That includes a blender, a microwave, a stove top, all pots, pans and dishes, etc. The amenities are all first class with granite countertops and stainless steel refrigerator.

Vidanta Grand Mayan Bathroom

Each bedroom has its own bathroom. The bathroom can also be accessed from the living area. Each bathroom has a large (potentially two person) tub, but only the one in second bedroom has Jacuzzi jets.

Vidanta Grand Mayan Jacuzzi Tub
Vidanta Grand Mayan Balcony

Each suite has a large balcony area with a small cooling pool that fills up in the morning and empties at night. There are nice lounge chairs for relaxing on the balcony.


There is twice daily maid service. We recommend leaving perhaps a 50 peso note (about $4) each day for the day maids. The night maids tip would depend on how much they do for you. Room service is available and the prices are pretty much the same as going to the restaurant.