Twenty Five Things To Do  at the Vidanta Riviera Maya Resort

We have stayed many times since 2002 and have found over 25 things to do at the Vidanta Riviera Maya resort    Recent additions are simply stunning. This blog post will talk about 25 of those things, but there are many more.

1. Walk the White Sand Beach

One advantage to the Riviera Maya location is the amazing white sand beach that stretches for miles.   The best direction to 

walk is to head left when you enter from  the resort.   You might even pick up a friend along the way  (see photo).   If you get carried away and walk too far you will end up in the fun little village of Puerto Morelos.  You could even have lunch there at Lola y Moya and take a taxi back to the resort.    The beach right in front of the resort is a bit too rocky for swimming, but the swimming is great in the crystal clear waters as you walk north.  

2. Ping Pong

The joy squad is always oming up with new fun activites, but ping pong is always an option all day long and there is often a tournament if you want get a bit more competitive.  Insider Tip:  Bring your own paddle if you want a good one.

3. Kid’s Club

vidanta kids clubCall me a bad parent, (now a bad grandparent) but one fun activity involves leaving your kids at the kids club with organized fun while you can head off for an hour or two of peaceful bliss.  Meanwhile, the kids get to participate in a myriad of fun games and crafts.   In the end, everyone is happy.  One of the great things about vacations in Mexico is that Mexican culture loves kids and the staff do a great job of making them feel welcome.




4.Jungala Water Park

Pronounced (Hoon-ga-la) ,  this fantastic new addition with the fun fancy title of Jungala Aqua Experience is an fun place right on the resort where you can spend agiant water slide jungala vidanta riviera maya half or a even a full day.  You can see our full Jungala Aqua Experience blog post for details, but there are giant, adrenaline producing water slides,  relaxing lazy rivers and a myriad of pools and play areas for both kids and adults.  You can even rent a cabana and have a personal food and drink experience.   This water park and the private cabanas are at an extra charge, so check with your concierge for the current rate.  




5. Snorkel Trip

black angel fish on snorkel trip
Black Angel Fish

We have an entire blog post dedicated to the best places to snorkel along the Riviiera Maya.  Spoiler alert:  One very good option is to take a snorkel boat right out of the  Vidanta Riviera Maya Resort.  There is a reef that runs all along the shoreling and you will visit a couple of excellent spots to find colorful fish and maybe even a manta ray or a sea turtle.  You can sign up at the kiosk on the beach.   They even have introductory scuba diving lessons in the pools on the resort if you have always wanted to give it a try.  You are on the Caribbean !  Don't miss this the chance to snorkel in crystal clear waters.


6.  Dance Lessons

There are lots of group activities at Vidanta Riviera Maya including Dance Lessons around the pools.   So, swallow your pride and give it a try.  This video has mostly young people, but everyone from kids to more umm..... mature adults jump in and participate.  A good time will be had by all.  


7.Beach Volleyball

Almost every day there are pickup beach volleyball games where everyone is welcome.     There are specific times on the activity calendar that make your planning easy. Be forewarned, however, that you should assess how resilient your body is these days before you decide to dive for that difficult shot.   I should have mentioned it earlier, but remember to use your Vidanta app for Android or Iphone to find activies including volleyball.  

8. Water Aerobicswater-aerobics

Every day in multiple pools you can find people being led in water aerobics.  People of all ages jump in to limber up, but to be honest, there is generally more gray hair in that part of the pool. 


9. Mexican Cooking Lessoncooking-class

You love to eat it. So why not learn how to make a classic like guacamole.  If I can be so bold, the last time I watched, they didn’t add cumin.   Tsk. Tsk.  You must add cumin.  On the plus side, he will teach you how to pick a perfect avocado and how to cut it up like a professional.  


10. Learn a Little Spanish

When in Rome…..  Well you’re not in Rome, you are in a Mexican paradise , so better to learn a few handy phrases in Spanish.   There is a class at different areas pretty much every day.  At a minimum, they will help you not sound so much like a gringo.  Although, I have friends who never did figure out how to roll their “R’s”.   I try hard not to roll my eyes. LOL. 

11. Texas Holdem’texas hold em'

The Joy Club staff sponsor various board and card games including  Texas Holdem’ .   So bring your poker face and sit down for a good time.  

12. Le Petit Chef

le-petit-chef-soupWhile it’s not the cheapest activity on the resort, Le Petit Chef is a perfect combination of creative and delicious food and high tech entertainment.  It is a 5 course dinner with holographic cartoon entertainment right on your table and sometimes even on your plate.   There are two sittings most nights, but check with your concierge early to make sure you get a spot.  



13. Sun Bathing

You probably don’t want to go home from a tropical vacation with absolutely no tan.  Fortunately, there a about forty thousand spots to relax in the sun with someone always near to provide  margaritas and nachos.  Remember , this is not Europe, so do keep your swimsuit on.

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14. Cirque du Soleilcirque du soleil joya

A fantastic venue has been created right on the Vidanta Riviera Maya Resort grounds.  It is one of the only dinner theaters .  It is called Joya (pronounced Hoya) and it is the first Cirque do Soleil in Mexico   We visited  a couple of years back.  Not only was the show up to the spectacular Cirque reputaiton, but the meal was one of the best we have had ever.   There is even a super creative bar right outside the theater that serves creative drinks before the dinner and the show.  You can do just the show, but we highly recommend springing for the dinner as well.  

15 Live Music and Entertainment

live music cuban


Your Vidanta app and your concierge will be your best guides for live music.  Several of the restaurants and  bars have a variety of music styles.  It does vary from night to nght so be sure to confirm which night to go to which venue.  The new Salum area also has live music on certain nights.  Check with your concierge.  



16. Festival Mexicana

Once a week, Vidanta  is a Mexican festival on the beach.   You can get ticketes from the concierge.  When the sun gets low, you can expect a fabulous buffet of classic Mexican food.   The food is accompanied by Mexican music and Mexican dancers.  You’re not going to want to miss it. 

17. Massage

If you love a good massage,  make sure you rent a Grand Luxxe or higher unit and make sure the owner contract we use has free massages included.  The Luxxe

Young woman enjoying therapeutic neck massage in spa center,

spa is relaxation heaven.  You can pay to upgrade from a relaxing or Swedish massage to a variety of options including the painful and wonderful deep tissue massage that I always do.  

18. Spa Day

For many people  ,  spa treatments like manicure, pedicures and body wraps are synonymous with relaxing, memorable vacation.  Vidanta has you covered with classic and creative spa treatments at both the Grand Mayan Brio Spa and the Grand Luxxe Spa.  They both offer main stream and exotic treatments for every need,


19. Golf a Round

Golfers will be happy to hear that there is a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course right on the resort.  It is an 18 hole par three course.  I'm not a golfer, but the word is that it is a very difficult par 3 course.  Thanks Jack.

Many of our higher end contracts have free golf rounds included, so check with Nina when you book if you want to make it a Beach/Golf vacation.  Insider tilp:   If you plan on more than one or two rounds, it’s worthg bringing your golf clubs as extra luggage. Club rental is a bit pricey.


20 Run Forest Run???running route

Runners will be happy to know there are running routes pre-planned  throughout the resort.  All Trails app shows the El Manglar loop.  Of course you can make it more challenging by including a loop on the beach.   As an alternative, running down the beach is a good option if you are in fabulous shape.  Be sure to head north (left) for uninterrupted beach 

21 Exercise Gyms

Should  you want to stay in shape or burn off a few of those extra calories from the myriad of restaurant choices,   there are two gyms well equipped gyms on the resort.  One is near the main pools.  .  The second is in  the jungle on the boardwalk between the Luxxe buildings and the beach.  This one is for Grand Luxxe,   Spa Tower and Loft guests. 

22. Mayan Ruinschichen itza

tulum mayan ruins on hte caribbeanThe Yucatan peninsula is home to one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.  The Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins are they are  nothing short of spectacular.  They  can be reached with tours that leave right from the resort.   It is a large area about 1/1/2 hours away, so it ends up being an all day trip.  It should definitely be on your bucket list. 

 However, if you want an easer trip, the Tulum Mayan ruins are closer to the resort and are perched over the Caribbean on one of the most beautiful sites on the Riviera Maya..  


23. Endless Poolsplaying in the pool

The Riviera Maya Vidanta resort is home to almost innumerable pools.     This actually is a bonus activity, because there at least a dozen things to do in and around these pools .    You can use them for a lazy swim,  a place to intermittently cool off,  or some rowdiness with your kids or grandkids.  Check out an illustration from our own family below. (actually they were in Nuevo Vallarta, but Riviera Maya pools are just a fabulous)



24. Best Breakfast Buffet in the Worldsushi at the buffet

In additions to over 20 restaurants and multiple bars ,  the breakfast buffet at Cafe del Lago is the best I have ever experienced. In addition to perfect custom omelets and fried eggs,  there are multiple Mexican options,  sushi,  fresh tropical fruit,  amazing pastries and on and on and on.


25. Relaxing

This final one is the most important.  Whether you do the MayanRental Ritual around the pool or find a hammock (as I am thoughtfully demonstrating below), you need to be sure to log some serious rest and recuperate time during your vaction. 

There are many more things to do , but a post can only be so long.  You can check availability for the week of your choice on our easy availability form.  We do hope these 25 things to do on the Vidanta Riviera Maya  Resort have been helpful to you.  

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