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Riviera Maya Restaurants

Restaurant reviews in the Riviera Maya

Vidanta App

Vidanta App- Happiness At Your Fingertips

Happiness at your fingertips is the tagline for the new Vidanta mobile app for Apple and Android.  Ok, so  our friends at Vidanta resorts tend to exaggerate a bit.  However,  the Vidanta app definitely can help make your vacation smoother...

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The Best Breakfast Buffet in the World !

Let me first say, we are not buffet people.   However, we make an exception every time we are in Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta or Vidanta Riviera Maya.  The buffet at the Cafe del Lago is part of our suggested itinerary that...

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La Famiglia in Playa del Carmen

Believe it or not , I first heard about La Famiglia in Playa del Carmen in a church in Michigan.   No really!    Our pastor was using the owner as an example of someone who loved his food and wanted to...

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Yucatan food

Yucatan Food - the Best, the Unique and the Flavorful

Yucatan Food Yucatan food (or Yucatecan cuisine if you want to be fancy), has developed over centuries of living off the land and in a hot, tropical climate. The dishes mix elements of spice, local animals and vegetation, influences from...

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