Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Flying to Mexico

flying to mexico

 #1 Thinking Price Is The Only Issue

We always try to find the cheapest way to travel possible.  BUT more than one stop will likely have you arriving considerably worse for wear.    And always look at the total travel time.  And for sure, don’t miss the fact that a flight arrives the next day and you have to stay a night on the way.  One more thing, if you arrive at the resort too late, good room locations may be gone.


#2 Not Learning How to Get the Best Price

We made an entire post on this topic.

 #3 Paying For Comfort Seats

First class is great if you can afford it, but a couple extra inches of leg room in comfort  is not worth the price.  This is only our opinion.  I would love to hear if someone does find it valuable.  After all, I am only 5 foot 8 inches.

#4 Forgetting  to Pay in Advance for Baggage on Spirit Airlines

Sooner or later you will succumb to an unbelievably low airfare on Spirit Airlines.    They have bizarre ways to nickel and dime you to death.    We wrote a humorous post explaining some of these.  You can also read a serious explanation here

#5 Assuming Southwest Works The  Same As Other Airlines

Southwest recently started flying to Mexico.  So far, flights we have checked haven’t been priced that competitively.  But if you do fly Southwest read reviews that are not on the Southwest website on how and when to check in.   It makes a big difference if you want to sit together with a family member or friend


#6 Booking on American Airlines.

They are often the cheapest but it is amazing how many people we know who have had problems.  My colleague who got a text at 4 AM to tell her that her 7 AM flight was cancelled.  Our group that got delayed by mechanical problems and nearly spent spring break in Dallas airport.   Our friends that ended up over night in a dive motel in Dallas due to a flight delay.  Our experience of booking a few months early and having it changed to terrible alternatives 5 times over 3 months, each time we spent a long time on the phone getting it fixed..  Combine that with a lot of bad attitude from employees and the money savings are NOT worth it.


#6 on Steroids:    Booking On American AND   Accepting a Short Layover.            

American has a ton of flights to Mexico and sooner or later you will have no other good choice.    When that happens , DO NOT take a flight with a layover less than 3 hours if you have to go through customs and  no less than 2 hours if you don’t have to go through customs.  Your connecting flight will be late and you will be stuck.  Sometimes overnight.  This is a good rule in general, but imperative on American.

#7  Staying Home.






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  • I find flying to a connector city the nite before is best since your first flight is eg. 10am instead of 6am. We have missed connectors and ended up in a hotel the first nite. Not fun.

  • That is another way to handle the problem. We generally like to get the pain over quickly 🙂 Some people even pick a connecting city they like and spend 2 or 3 days so they can get mid-week flights for cheap.

  • Elizabeth Forman
    January 10, 2017 6:25 am

    I like to fly JetBlue direct from BOS to Cancun because of the legroom. It is direct and I book the first seat just to be sure.

  • I am thinking of traveling to Grand Mayan in April and want to understand grocery shopping and cooking in a 1bed room condo. Is it practical? Are there US-like grocery stores nearby? Or will be held “captive” in this huge resort? Also will there be a time share pitch by condo staff if we are staying in a timeshare rental?

  • nice deli on site. one trip by cab to a grocery store and you are good. Excellent kitchen facilities and utensils. You are not obligated to the presentation as the gust of an owner

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