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Nuevo Vallarta Restaurants

Vidanta App

Vidanta App- Happiness At Your Fingertips

Happiness at your fingertips is the tagline for the new Vidanta mobile app for Apple and Android.  Ok, so  our friends at Vidanta resorts tend to exaggerate a bit.  However,  the Vidanta app definitely can help make your vacation smoother...

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The Best Breakfast Buffet in the World !

Let me first say, we are not buffet people.   However, we make an exception every time we are in Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta or Vidanta Riviera Maya.  The buffet at the Cafe del Lago is part of our suggested itinerary that...

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nuevo vallarta marina restaurant map

Restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta Marina Area

  People vacationing in the Vidanta Mayan Resort and also in Paradise Village have a marvelous variety of restaurants at their disposal nearby.  At the bottom of this post there is a map showing you how to navigate the neighborhood....

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eddies restaurant

Eddie's Nopal Beach Restaurant

Nuevo Vallarta's sunny beach boasts a good number of restaurants. One that will fall near the top of the most recommended is Eddies. This cozy family restaurant is a great spot for every meal, along with something every member of...

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tinos la laguna

La Laguna Restaurant

Our new favorite place for seafood, La Laguna is located on the main road coming into Nuevo Vallarta to the Grand Mayan and the Grand Luxxe.  It is on the left coming in.  It doesn’t look like much from the...

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evening at estudio restaurant

Estudio Restaurant

On the edge of the marina with a view of beautiful yachts,  the estudio restaurant is a one of our favorite options in Nuevo Vallarta.   As an added bonus this homey waterside restaurant is connected to an art studio, Estudio café...

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Portabellos Bistro

Tucked into a scenic corner of Neuvo Vallarta lies Portobello’s Bistro, a restaurant boasting what patrons claim is Italian food better than if you’d flown straight to Italy! Atmosphere Like many of the area’s restaurants, Portobello’s sits over the marina...

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Doña Tere

Dona Tere,  (pronounced  Doan-ya Tear-ray   roll the 'r")a favorite of those spending time Neuvo Vallarta and also a favorite of the locals. With their great prices on toRp of the frequent promotional deals, make this a good spot for...

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El Barracuda Resturant

Location When passing Barracuda, you’ll often notice people lining up outside the bar like restaurant, This small restaurant, with in walking distance from most resorts, has a beautiful atmosphere, with out door seating and a large bar, trip adviser reviews...

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guidos restaurant

Guido's Restaurant

Guido's Location If you're looking for a delicious pizza or pasta, then Guido's will likely be the place for you..) .  It is across from the Sea Garden. and near the Oxxo, Whether you prefer to sit outside and enjoy...

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Fajita Republic Restaurant

Fajitas Republic Restaurant - Nuevo Vallarta When we first heard about this restuarant , we thought it sounded like some commercial chain. Boy were we wrong. Known as one of the most popular restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta, Fajitas Republic is...

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