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Riviera Maya Vacation Ruins

A Guide to the Best Yucatan Travel Destinations - Cenotes, Merida, Uxmal

The Yucatan is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Mexico attracting millions of visitors per year. But what is it that makes this area so great? This article will guide you through Yucatan’s most exciting destinations from ecotourism...

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12 Pro Tips for Visiting Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Chankanaab (Mayan for ‘small sea’) Beach Adventure Park is located in the Marine National Park of Cozumel, 45 minutes off coast of the Rivera Maya. It is open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm but the closing...

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los cabos detailed map

It Sounds Exotic, but Where is Los Cabos located?

Finding where is Los Cabos located for me is challengeing in a place where many of the names in Mexico run together, especially in the Baja Peninsula. While the plane ride to Mexico might be short, sometimes the cultural and...

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Tips for Tourists Driving in Mexico

  We like our freedom on vacation, so we almost always rent a car in Mexico. Driving in Mexico is not that difficult. I would say it is similar to most city driving in the U.S. Drivers are assertive, but...

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Baluarte Bridge opens the way to Mazatlan

Getting to Mazatlan recently got a lot easier for those living in Durango, Monterrey and other northern Mexico ciites. An engineering marvel called the Baluarte Bincentennial Bridge now makes the highway to Mazatlan much quicker and easier. This is apparently...

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mayan palace living

Grand Mayan vs. Grand Luxxe, What's the Difference?

Grand Mayan vs. Grand Luxxe vs Grand Bliss vs Mayan Palace vs Spa Tower, (WOW!) We admit, it's confusing!! So here goes our best shot at explaining the differences. First of all, Nuevo Vallarta has every resort, including Loft and...

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Flights to Puerto Penasco open soon

Announcing Non-Stop, Direct Flights into Puerto Penasco! Until now, your only option for visiting Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco was to drive or take a shuttle from Phoenix or Tucson. Now, beginning June 20th, AeroMexico will provide direct air travel from...

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The Grand Luxxe pool area on the Riviera Maya resort

Can I Get Ocean View in the Riviera Maya Grand Luxxe, Grand Mayan or Grand Bliss

I am not going to mince words. No. You cannot get ocean view. Because of the hurricanes on the gulf of Mexico side, the resort is built back a bit and perpendicular to the beach. The Mayan Palace units have...

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Ocean and pool view Nuevo Vallarta Grand Mayan

How Do I Get An Ocean View (Nuevo Vallarta)

That is a great question. It is always a little bit of a challenge. We own time, not a specific unit. The specific unit is assigned at check in. However, we always do everything we can to get ocean view....

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What are all these different types of Luxxe suites?

This is a detailed description of the different types of Luxxe units. If want a general comparison of all the different unit types (Grand Bliss, Grand Mayan . Grand Luxxe) see our Mayan Unit Type comparison . If you want...

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one of the Grand Luxxe Pools

What are the Grand Luxxe Pools and Who Has Access?

The Grand Luxxe buildings are located at the south end of the Nuevo Vallarta Vidanta resort. The pool areas surrounding the Luxxe buildings are quieter and have some special services like free popsicles and sunglass cleanings. Be careful though, the...

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Day Trip from Puerto Penasco--El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

  On our way back to the Phoenix airport from the Puerto Penasco Mayan Palace, we visited the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.  It is only about 30 minutes from town right off the main highway. The Pinacate Reserve is a volcanic...

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Is Grand Mayan Los Cabos Smaller than Other Mayan Resorts?

If you have stayed at the Acapulco, Riviera Maya or Nuevo Vallarta Mayan resorts, you will be surprised by the Cabo resort.   It is a small hotel with well under 200 units, all of which face the ocean and the...

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Can You Swim in the Ocean at Grand Mayan Los Cabos?

Generally speaking… no. The problem is that the location on the tip of the Baja peninsula where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes tides collide creates wicked currents that make swimming truly dangerous much of the time. Of...

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Sports Equipment--Rent or Bring, part 1, Golf

First off, I need to say I'm not a golfer.  But having spoken to golfers, I've been told that they choose their clubs specifically for their strengths, gender, and even height.  It's definitely NOT a one size fits all here....

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Resources and Links--Maps

I'm a very visual person, so maps are absolutely necessary for me to have before I go anywhere.  Here are three of my favorite sites to help me plan for vacation: Total0 Share This with Friends0 Tweet your Approval0 Pin...

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Is the Puerto Vallarta and the Nuevo Vallarta Resort the same?

MayanRental Home > FAQ > puerto-nuevo-vallarta-resorts> puerto-vs-nuevo-vallarta No !! The Puerto Vallarta resort located in the marina district close to Puerto Vallarta and consists of only the Mayan Palace. People like it because it is smaller and close to the...

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What happened to the Nuevo Vallarta Mayan Palace?

MayanRental Home > FAQ > puerto-nuevo-vallarta-resorts> what-happened-to-the-nuevo-vallarta-mayan-palace It... well... shrunk. The two buildings near the beach have been torn down. There is still a building on top of the hill looking over the ocean. Most people prefer the Grand Mayan...

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mayan palace acapulco

Brand New Mayan Palace Acapulco Is Open?

It has been a long time coming, but the new Mayan Palace Acapulco is open! Not only are the suites built in the new Mayan Palace Regency style, but there is a beautiful water park complete with lazy river and...

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Is there free transportation to the resort?

Unfortunately, the Mayan Palace Acapulco and Grand Mayan Acapulco do not provide free transportation to the resort. We are not sure why this resort is the exception. It may be because the resort is only a 4 hours drive from...

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acapulco bay beach

How's the beach at the Acapulco Mayan Resort?

The Acapulco Grand Mayan sits right on the golden half moon crescent of Acapulco bay. An additional advantage is being 20 minutes away from the city pollution of Acapulco. So, ocean swimming is great at the Grand Mayan Acapulco and...

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What's the Deal with the Beach-Riviera Maya?

The beach for the Grand Luxxe, Grand Bliss, Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace (and the new Spa Tower) in the Riviera Maya location is the typical powdery white sand beach of the Caribbean. In the water, it is really too...

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grand mayan waterpark

Who has access to the Grand Mayan water park area?

This question used to be a big deal because guests in the Mayan Palace do not have access to the spectacular Grand Mayan water park (<-- click to see video) .  However,  there are very few Mayan Palace units left and most...

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Cabo Meal plans

MayanRental Home > FAQ Home > los-cabos-grand-mayan> cabo-meal-plans Cabo is the only one of the Mayan resorts at the moment that sells meal packages. Everything is a bit more expensive in Cabo. They sell 6 breakfasts buffets for $118 and...

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Are cribs available?

MayanRental Home > FAQ Home > all-mayan-resorts-general-questions> are-cribs-available You can request a crib at any of the Mayan Resorts at no charge. Just let us know when you make the booking and we will put the request in with the...

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What are golf rates for guests?

MayanRental Home > FAQ Home > all-mayan-resorts-general-questions> what-are-golf-rates-for-guests Our Mayan Palace guests have a discounted rate of around $99 and our Grand Mayan guests pay $50 to $70. This is for 18 holes with a cart, and does not include...

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Which unit am I renting?

MayanRental Home > FAQ Home > all-mayan-resorts-general-questions> which-unit-am-i-renting We own the time, not specific units, so you get assigned a unit when you arrive. However, we know the ins and outs of requests, so renting from us is your best...

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How many people can we have per unit?

Mayan Palace and Grand Mayan: Two bedroom suite: 6 adults and 2 kids under 13. (Up to 8 adults in Grand Mayan) One bedroom suite : 4 adults and 2 kids under 13 Master Room (Studio): 2 adults and 2...

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Secure Rental Process

MayanRental Home > FAQ Home > all-mayan-resorts-general-questions> secure-rental-process We have developed a rental process that keeps other renters and timeshare owners happy. You do not pay a deposit until: #1 we book it and give you confirmation AND #2 you...

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How do we know you're legitimate?

MayanRental Home > FAQ Home > all-mayan-resorts-general-questions> how-do-we-know-youre-legitimate Mayan Rental has an established track record. Over the past 8 years, we have helped literally thousands of guests book vacations in Mexico's Mayan Resorts. Check out our Guest Book, Some people...

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Do Mayan Resorts do all inclusive?

MayanRental Home > FAQ Home > all-mayan-resorts-general-questions> do-mayan-resorts-do-all-inclusive No, they don't. Unlike many places with mandatory all inclusive fees, you are free to enjoy the nice restaurants on site, but you can also enjoy the top notch restaurants in town...

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Internet access in the Riviera Maya resort?

MayanRental Home > FAQ > Riviera-maya> internet-access-riviera-maya   There is wireless internet access around the pools and in the business center for an extra charge. There are also computer terminals in the business center / internet café for the same...

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Why are MayanRental’s rates so low? (what’s the catch)

MayanRental Home > FAQ Home > all-mayan-resorts-general-questions> why-low-rates Our rate are low because we connect you with timeshare owners who aren’t using all their weeks. The rental covers the maintenance fee and puts a little cash in their pocket. So...

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